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 is an on-line service that assists students to prepare for the Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT).  We believe in the ability of every child to learn and are committed to providing the best opportunity to Jamaica’s children to become successful adults, irrespective of social or economic stratum. 


We understand the sacrifices that are made everyday in order to ensure that a student succeeds at the GSAT.  You will, therefore, NOT find games, blogs, or any such extraneous content on our website as these activities can require additional monitoring and/or supervision, thereby increasing the demands on parents and guardians.




« CONSISTENT PRACTICE:   Nothing can take the place of consistent, quality practice.  Our database is available at any time of the day, with unlimited access to the user for the duration of the registration period.  This allows the student to access quality exercises at any time.

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« STUDY GUIDE:  Our comprehensive Study Guide is delivered in a colourful audio-visual format.  The material is presented in a manner that is easy to read and understand, and covers Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, Mathematics and Communication Tasks. 

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« PRACTICE EXAMS:  We offer two distinct practice exam modes; un-timed and timed, each containing thousands of high-quality practice questions and exercises, developed by highly qualified and experienced professionals.


o   Untimed Practice Exams:

The student can complete practice questions and exercises, working at his own pace, becoming familiar with the typical style, content and structure of the GSAT exam questions.


o   Timed Practice Exams:

The student can complete practice exams that are timed in a similar fashion to the actual GSAT.  Corrected exams are available for review as soon as the practice exam is completed (or the time has expired), allowing students, parents and/or teachers to readily identify areas which the student may need to review in the Study Guide, or where more practice is necessary. Timed sessions allow students to improve their speed and to develop critical test-taking techniques.

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« SCORECARD: An electronic scorecard retains the student’s performance record, allowing for easy monitoring of progress. This record is retained for the duration of the package purchased by the user.

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« PARENT/GUARDIAN PARTICIPATION: allows parents or guardians to participate in the provision of our services.  In addition to our Electronic Scorecard, we issue automatic progress reports/updates to the parent/guardian, whenever a student completes an exam.  This provides an easy way for the parent/guardian to remain abreast of the student’s progress.

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« COUNTERING TRICKS: Unlike a textbook (or other permanent-print media) where the question content, structure and format necessarily remains the same, our approach prevents a student from memorizing a specific question or answer pattern and scoring high marks without actually mastering the academic material. 

Our questions are randomized thereby creating a new set each time a student does a practice examination.  In this manner, the number of possible practice examinations is ad infinitum making it unlikely that a student will ever receive the same set of questions twice.